“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists." -  Franklin D. Roosevelt


Our Concept

When conducting the market research for Reez and Associates, a major issue arose for those newly married to U.S. citizens. These individuals have two options:

Deal with the extended paperwork by themselves at their own risk to fail and get their petition denied, or, pay legal fees up to US$ 7,000. This is why we intervene.

Reez and Associates is proud to follow President Barack Obama's latest focus "marriage for all." Our team of lawyers and experts not only offers guidance to individuals married to US citizens a professional and dynamic guidance to navigate the process, but also we are proud to offer rates below market value for equal services proposed from other immigration attorneys.


Our Added Value

Our misson and vision is to provide professional assistance from our team of immigration lawyers and consulting experts to most. In other words, offering great service at a significant lower cost, as well as being accessible 24/7 and in more than 5 different languages. Conveniently located in West Hollywood, Reez and Associates is attuned to the needs of the LGBT community and has already favorable pending cases of same-sex couples with USCIS.


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